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australian flag,aus,country flag,national,nationality
Canadian flag,maple leaf,can,country flag,national,nationality
Isreal flag,star of david,ISR,country flag,national,nationality
Mexico flag,mexican,MEX,country flag,national,nationality
russia flag,russian,RUS,country flag,national,nationality
china flag,chinese,CHN,country flag,national,nationality
india flag,indian,IND,country flag,national,nationality
Italy flag,italian,ITA,country flag,national,nationality
British uk flag,union jack,great britain,GBR,country flag,national,nationality
Jamaica flag,jamaican,JAM,country flag,national,nationality
Puerto Rica flag,puerto rican,PRI,country flag,national,nationality
America flag,american,united states,USA,country flag,national,nationality
ireland flag,irish,country flag,national,nationality
Japan flag,japan,JPN,country flag,national,nationality

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