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i love porcupines spiney spiny quills sting poison animals zoo nature creature species
i love to cook heart culinary food chef oven burn stove steamer table plate 5 star eat starve hobby kitchen restaurant dishwasher dishes cuisine prepare meal sautee boil bake fridge refridgerator cooler
i love sharks heart slippery water sea ocean sharp teeth gills fins swimming
i love music songs playing instruments composing compose conducting sounds choral chorus choir singing voices guitar keyboard piano trumpet saxophone drums percussion brass woodwind oboe flute jazz rock band orchestra concert show performance dance tango
i love string theory physics albert einstein heart conceptual thinking possibility
i love frankfurters hotdogs grill bbq barbeque corndogs heart sausage germany kentucky cow cattle meat smoked
i love pie heart greek symbol letter p alphabet mathamatics circle radius tangent sine cosine hypotenuse pathagorean theorem calculus trigonometry geometry
i love this button heart pins
i love cereal breakfast wheaties lucky charms rice krispies chex cheerios oat wheat captain crunch frosted flakes golden grahmes cinnimon toast
i love staplers red office space heart mechanical devices papers documents
i love scented markers smelly flavors flavours ink
i love polish sausage ground meat press smoked poland
I love lamp light anchorman anchor man office space steve carrell carel carell will farell farrell farel
I love nature great outdoors camping tree trees camp fire animals forest woods biology national state park
I love pickles hamburger hotdog hot dog dill pickle pickel grill condiment ketchup mustard horseradish chips dip garnish food chef cook cooking resturant restaurant
i love skunts skank cunt made up word perverted sexist
i love you
beer, love, drinking
love, funny, robots
I Love Sushi
I Love Meat
moustache man funny awkward
i love like ice cream cone sprinkles vanilla strawberry chocolate yummy heart
i love america usa fireworks country president military troops stars stripes heart
i love shopping malls stores clothes fashion heart
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