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Frequently Asked Questions:

Sorry, you are not able to combine 2 or more different designs and be able to order it for the price of just 1. To calculate the price for a split order of multiple designs please use our price and turnaround calculator.

We offer 1 inch, 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch, 2.25 inch, and 3 inch buttons.

Black and White designs are the same price as color. We do not charge extra for multiple colors. Price quotes can be found at

You can order just 1 button if you want. We have no limit or restriction on quantity so you can order any quantity. We also recommend buying just 1 button as a sample if you are planning to order a large quantity of buttons. This way you are absolutely sure your large order of buttons will turn out the way you want.

For a full line of button machines, supplies, and other button products please visit our partner site:

Try looking up your button designs here. If you are unable to find your designs using that site, email and say you forgot your Design Code and include your name and email address.

We offer several shipping options so that you can meet your deadline and work within your budget. Here is a list of services we offer and estimated delivery times:

Shipping for the United States of America

CarrierShipping MethodTime in TransitGuaranteedApplies to the following region
USPSUS Postal ServicePriority Mail Express1 or 2 days depending on locationYesAll 50 states of the USA, US territories
UPSUPSNext Day Air1 dayYesAll 50 states of the USA
UPSUPS2nd Day Air2 daysYesAll 50 states of the USA
UPSUPS3 Day Select3 daysYesAll 50 states of the USA
USPSUS Postal ServicePriority Mail2 to 3 business days averageNoAll 50 states of the USA, US territories, US military areas
UPSUPSGround3-6 business days [See exact transit times]YesAll 50 states of the USA
USPSUS Postal ServiceStandard Post (Ground)up to 9 business daysNoAll 50 states of the USA, US territories, US military areas
USPSUS Postal ServiceFirst Class Mailup to 9 business daysNoAll 50 states of the USA, US territories, US military areas

International Shipping options

CarrierShipping MethodTime in TransitGuaranteedOther Information
USPSUS Postal Service and Federal ExpressGlobal Express Mail Guaranteed1-3 days depending on locationYesShipped through the US Postal Service and delivered by FedEx. Not available through our website. You must contact us for availability and a price quotation
USPSUS Postal ServicePriority Mail Express International3-5 business daysNoAvailable to countries on this list
USPSUS Postal ServicePriority Mail International6-10 business daysNoAvailable to countries on this list
USPSUS Postal ServiceFirst Class Mail International2 weeks to 2 monthsNoAvailable to countries on this list

For some more information on our turnaround information visit our turnaround time page.

If you have not received a response from us within 1 business day of either submitting a form on our site or sending a design request by email, please try looking up your designs here. If you wrote an email to us, and have not received a response, chances are you have our email address,, blocked or on your spam list. We are not responsible for email that bounces back to us. If you have not yet received a response, you should either call or email us through an alternate email address of yours.

At this time we are only capable of manufacturing round buttons.

Yes we ship to other countries. The list of countries we currently ship to can be found here.

We leave it up to the customer's discretion to submit government protected material. We must assume that any protected material we receive is property belonging to whomever submits it. Also we assume that the customer submitting any protected material has the proper rights to give us permission to print and sell their protected material strictly to them or anyone they specify.

Yes. Our buttons have a plastic cover that you can write on with a Sharpie or other permanent marker. Also dry erase markers work too if you want to make changes.

Sorry, we do not currently sell buttons that light up or have buttons with blinking lights.

Sorry, we do not currently sell glow in the dark buttons.

Sorry, we do not currently sell buttons printed with neon, fluorescent, or metallic ink.

We print using high quality Epson Photo Inkjet Printers (Digital CMYK). We actually use a 6 color ink system (6C Dark/Light) for more accurate color. The paper we use is a special ordered thin custom bright white paper with a matte finish specifically designed for superior color quality and brightness for inkjet printing. We do not print digital laser or offset. Most professional photographers and printing companies agree that our printing process is better for printing buttons rather than laser or offset. This is because our printing method avoids double refraction which you get from combining 2 glossy finishes on top of each other. Combining glossy inks or paper and the clear plastic cover of the button can create this illusion. A button product with double refraction does not look bad, but when compared to our product side by side the glossy button will look a little weird like it has oil is underneath the cover. Our flat matte finish offers a more crystal clear image on the button itself.

We print CMYK using Epson inkjet printers. We are only able to closely match to the pantone system. We cannot achieve an exact match because we do not print pantone. We print on matte coated paper and can closely match to pantone matte and pantone coated colors. We will need to know prior to printing your buttons that you want a pantone match. If you do not tell us ahead of time we may not know that you are expecting your colors to match the pantone system.

Yes. When you are paying for your buttons online on our website you will enter your shipping address first, and choose your shipping method. Then you will be directed to a secure website where you can enter your credit card and billing address information. On the very next page, after submitting your credit card information, you will see a confirmation page showing where your package will ship to. You also have the opportunity to change the shipping address on that page if it is not correct. Here is a screen shot of what the confirmation page will look like:

PayPal: How to Change Shipping Address

If for some reason you miss any of this, just send us an email telling us the corrections to your order.

Yes. We can ship a package to someone and make it look it came from someone else. We can also be sure to not include a receipt or any indication the package came from us. To set your order up one of these ways, After your artwork is finished and you are ready to pay for your buttons, there are 2 areas to pay attention to when paying for your buttons online. After you get to the point where you enter credit card and billing information, on the very next page you will have the option to leave a note. In the note field indicate that you want to drop ship your order. You can also include the return address you want on your package in the notes field as well. This way we use your return address to make it look like you shipped the package. Also where it shows the shipping address below, make sure the shipping address is where you want to ship the package to. Here is a screen shot of what the screen will look like:

PayPal: How to Blind Drop Ship

If for some reason you miss any of this, just send us an email telling us the corrections to your order.