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Wacky Buttons Interactive Design Studio Version 2

Design your button right now for FREE.

We have a new version out!!!

Try: Wacky Buttons Interactive Design Studio Version 3

The newest version is designed to work on newer webbrowsers like chrome, safari, and firefox. Also it works on mobile devices like iPads, iPhones, tablets, and Android devices.

Wacky Buttons Interactive Design Studio Version 2 requires Java to run. If you are not seeing the words "Choose a Template" or "Start from Scratch" then you may not have Java enabled or installed. You can download Java for your web browser and computer at this site: http://www.java.com. If you think you already have Java installed you can follow these steps to activate Java for your web browser.


  • How come I cannot access certain features like saving and inserting pictures?
  • I submitted my design and nothing happened. I did not get redirected to order my buttons.
  • I saved a .wbb file to my computer. How do I submit it so I can order my buttons?
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