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Templates Available for Download


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1 inch - round .jpg .bmp .png .gif .psd .pdf .ai .eps
1.25 inch - round .jpg .bmp .png .gif .psd .pdf .ai .eps
1.5 inch - round .jpg .bmp .png .gif .psd .pdf .ai .eps
2.25 inch - round .jpg .bmp .png .gif .psd .pdf .ai .eps
3 inch - round .jpg .bmp .png .gif .psd .pdf .ai .eps

Template Instructions

1. Inner ring

templexp1 (40K)

The inner ring on the template indicates the front image of the button. Leave a little space between the front design and the inner ring for best results.

2. Middle ring

templexp2 (31K)

The middle ring indicates the boundary of the crimped edge portion of the button. If you wish to put text on the crimped edge of the button, make sure your text doesn't touch the middle ring.

3. Outer ring

templexp3 (47K)

The outside ring marks the outer edge of the button. FIll in your background all the way to the outer ring. Once you are finished with your design, remember to erase the rings.