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Bachelor Party

April 13th, 2015

If you and your boys are headed to a Bachelor Party sometime soon, then we have just the buttons for you! 

[1] Gift this button to your friend who you are spending the night, or weekend, celebrating before he makes it to the alter!


[2]  You're all bachelors for the night, so make sure you all wear these buttons. 

[3] Have the Best Man stand out at the Bachelor Party, since chances are you picked him because he is either the most fun or the most responsible. Either way, he'll sure stand out!

[4] Since theres a good chance you'll be practicing all your pickup lines at that party, you might as well just wear a button with your favorite one. It will save you energy from asking, and save the ladies energy while they say "No." 

[5] Don't forget to be responsible and stop your bad drinking habit after the Bachelor party.