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Favorite Family Buttons

July 20th, 2015

July is the month to celebrate family! Cousins Day, Parents Day, Aunt and Uncle Day and Father In-Law Day are all in July. What better way to show appreciation than with a loving button! We've picked out a few that we think are perfect...check them out below.

[1] Moms are there for us no matter what and they definitely don't always get the gratitude they derserve. Show everyone just how much you love her with this one.

[2] Families come in all sizes and situations, but love is always at the center.
[3] Who doesn't have that favorite Aunt who sercretly spoils you behind mom and dads' backs? Give her this button to let her know that she's the coolest!
[4] No statement could ring truer when it comes to family. 
[5] Father In-Law Day is the 30th. Let him know that he truly has a special place in your heart, he'll love this as a gift.
 [6] Baby Daddy's deserve some recognition, too! Maybe this button will be motivation for him to put a ring on it.
[7] Regardless of how many arguments or spats you get into, your family will accept you for your mistakes and flaws. You'll never feel more like yourself than you will those who are just like you. 
[8] Anyone else have that crazy uncle who gets in just as much trouble as you do? Well now he can show off that childish nature with a badge of honor, from his favorite people! 
[9] Here's some nerd humor for your dad or Father In-Law. How many movies have you bonded over? This will serve as a cute inside joke between the two of you. 
[10] Cousins are like the siblings that mother nature decided to split you up from, because one set of parents couldn't possibly handle all of the trouble and mischief you all caused! For Cousins Day, why not get a bunch and wear them for a nice outing together?!