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whatever pops your corn popcorn kernel field comment funny saying motto ear happy face smile funny saying
funny phrase stud stud muffin studmuffin muffin
i like ham and cheese funny sayings sandwich bread
doughnut cookie diet funny
i like my cheese with kraft and macaroni dinner eat food
I am with stupid idiot hand pointing funny saying
they are all gunna laugh at me ha ha pick on ridicule funny saying
my mom says i am special pick on ridicule funny saying
i am only angry on days that end in y mad bitch girl funny saying
all about me funny saying motto word
I am a vampire dracula suck blood fangs halloween costume bat cape hell goblin demon girl
i know kung fu karate martial arts kicking ass fight chinese numb chucks swords weaponry artillary reeves matrix moves style funny saying comment statement
what would you do for a klondike bar ice cream sandwich polar bear animal cold snow artic arctic north pole
trust me i am happy you do not wanna see me when i am mad angry bitch girl funny saying
your mom funny saying words mother
sayings funny chillax chill
Planet Pluto funny phrase
age birthdays growing up
over the hill pick up speed birthday saying
age growing old cake birthday
trap disney mouse funny
work doctor health funny ironic
milk cow funny phrase saying
remote control funny button
rich people suck wealthly person jealous funny saying
mean people suck assholes basterd person bitch jealous funny saying
punk rock sux sucks heavy music poser old school new
punk rock is dead sucks heavy music poser old school new
punk rock is not dead rox sucks heavy music poser old school new
i am a master at greco roman wrestling will ferrel ladies man leon phelps have a nice day smile ass tattoo fight ring competition funny saying comment
what are you looking at question puzzlement funny saying comment
i am with the band musicians concert guitar rock punk heavy metal groupie rodie all access pass back stage
i am quite pleasant until i am awake girl angry mad saying motto comment funny sleep pillow nice
escuse me osifer but can you hold my beer while i look for my registration cop car police alcohol funny saying comment motto pull over drunk donut doughnut search inspection sticker officer authority man meter maid town city
stupid math saying problem equation science teacher student school beginner
i do not recall oj simpson orange juice bronco trial court system lawyer truth stand bible swear judge statement funny comment
what are you 2 birds flying on two airplane comment
my girlfriend is hot sexy fine
my boyfriend is hot sexy fine handsome
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