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unemployed work jobless
Womanizer perverted funny vulgar insult sex naked nude porn pornography porno
goddess beautiful woman feminine female god religious religion sexy pretty
Chicks rule
Your face
Guys only
Rock Roll
Date me
Hate me
Hey you
Love me
Decide now
Dudes rule
Gimme cash
Girls only
Life rocks
life sucks
Smokin hot
I rock
I rule
Take one
I love all things
hey I love cute stuff
I love everything
I love technology
I love being silly
I love being weird
I love kissing you
hey i love puffy stuff
i love computers
i love country
i love oinking
i love floppy stuff
i love not swearing
i love rap
i love rock
i love swimming
dronx made up words funny sayings
blargh made up words funny sayings
splorx made up words funny sayings
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