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February 22nd, 2016

Snowed in this winter? Play chess with wacky buttons!

Grab some for you and your family or friends to play in front of the fireplace while warming those toes up.
Now aren't you quite the Grandmaster.


{1} The Pawn
Your common foot soldier and often the first ones into battle.

{2} The Knight
Looks like a horse's head. It's the only other piece that can often make a move at the beginning of the game.

{3} The Bishop
A great, long-distance threat to your opponent.

{4} The Rook
Most effective in the middle of the board. Two of these guys operation can be stronger than a single Queen.

{5} The Queen
The most potent attacking piece on the board. She can devastate in one move.

{6} The King
Even with the Queen's attacking prowess, the King is your most precious piece on the board. If not used carefully, you'll find your King defeated, which is known as Checkmate.