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Stop the Chaos & Get Organized!

February 29th, 2016

These buttons will help keep everyone on task. Place them around the house or create a nice big calendar board to remind your teenager when they need to get their stinky laundry done, or when they need to finish that essay. We’ve even got clothing magnets in case they still forget ;)

{1} Days of the week

With buttons for Monday-Sunday you could map out chores for every day of the week!

{2} Months
Plan ahead for each month. That way the whole family knows you mean business.
{3} Clean or Dirty
Let everyone know the status of the dishes so that gross spoon with old peanut butter on it you found in your son’s room doesn’t end up with the clean dishes.
{4} Don’t Forget!
Perfect button to grab their attention when you know they’re going to forget, or when you’re just sick of saying it everyday.
{5} Important!
Let ‘em know you’re not just saying these things for your health, it’s actually important!
{6} Don’t Disturb Me
For when you’ve had an exhausting day of delegating tasks and you need some quiet time with your favorite blanket and a bag of Hershey Kisses :)