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Fill In The Bank

December 7th, 2015

Forget the sticker!  These buttons are perfect for your next event, work attire, or just to wear for the heck of it.

{1} Name
Whether it is a parent teacher conference, a costume party, or any sort of meeting, this button is the standard "Hello my name is" name tag!

Fill In The Bank

{2} To and From
This holiday season, for a unique gift you can tag it with a unique "to and from" button. Shy away from the traditional stickers to stand out!
Fill In The Bank

{3} Lost and Found
It's not a bad idea to tag your most precious items while traveling or in a public place. Or buy these buttons for your bachelor/bachelorette party for a comical dual use!
Fill In The Bank

{4} Property
Much like the last button, this property of button has various uses as well. But it may also be a great idea to use on your children's items when at school, daycare, or a sports gathering!
Fill In The Bank

{5} Visitor
When you sign into your child's school or volunteer locally, this is a unique way to state your name instead of wasting paper with stickers!
Fill In The Bank

{6} Feelings
A button that you use to state your feelings is a helpful button. Whether you use it for less verbal students or simply as a way to warn your co-workers, this button can come in handy!
Fill In The Bank