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Top 25 Earth Day Buttons


Top 25 Earth Day Buttons

April 20th, 2015

To celebrate Earth Day, we've picked out 25 of our favorite environmental buttons. Wear one, or a few, to show your support for our home planet!

[1] This is the best way to go about climate change! Start in your community.
[2] At the end of the day, it is all we really have!
[3] We all want to make sure the air going into our lungs is clean and fresh!
[4] We get to  learn and grow, so we should give plants the chance too! 
[5] A good reminder that recycling benefits everyone. 
[6] They call it "Mother Nature" for a reason. We wouldn't survive without her, not visa versa
[7] Take chances that are good for the environment, because you never know! 
[8] Remember, the planet is their home too. 
[9] Save some water for the fish! 
[10] I got green on my mind (and no we are not talking about money).
[11] R-E-S-P-E-C-T find out what it means to Mother Earth! 
[12] Take advantgae of the fact that we actually can reuse and recycle. Score 1 for technology!
[13] Get your Spring Cleaning and Earth Day mindset all in one. 
[14] Channeling the Sun's natural power for engery is cool, and you want to be cool, right?
[15] We aren't the only ones who rely on water to live.
[16] Can you imagine a world where our future generation doesn't get to play in a forest or swim in a lake?
[17] Just because you ignore something, doesn't mean it goes away!
[18] If only we could all see Earth's beauty from this view.
[19] It is our fault that the Rainforests are in trouble, so now it is our responsibliy to fix it! 
[20] Our lifestyles are ruining theirs. 
[21] Don't we all?
[22] What if we weren't able to see the Sun anymore? Thanks, pollution. 
[23] Isn't she beautiful?
[24] We are all here for a time, but Earth is here always. 
[25] We care, and you should too! 


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