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Kiss And Make Up Day

August 24th, 2015

It's Kiss And Make Up Day! We're spreading the love with our top 10 buttons to help you say "I'm sorry." An apology is always better served with a gift...from us!

[1] Did you do something wrong? Sometimes simply telling someone they need to love you, in your plea of desperation, actually works! 
[2] Fights can bring out the ugliness in us all... it's nice to be reminded that emotions are temporary, but forgiveness is a brave quality in a person.
[3] Opt for the beer bottle opener on the back of this one and call it a draw! Lesson learned, and no need to flood the bridge again.
[4] This is such a great way to put a disagreement and a change of heart into the simplest of terms. Saying sorry is hard, but this would also be a great button to wear to spread this great piece of wisdom.
[5] Does this not symbolize your childhood? I think we all have that one person in our lives who is always the peacemaker. Gift them with their likeness!
[6] This button is a perfect representation of the current generation; how could you not accept my friend request? So rude!
[7] Inner peace is important for mental health. Whether you wear this sarcastically, or seriously, this button would be a great daily reminder, as a magnet on the fridge!
[8] Have a boss with a sense of humor? It would make a great stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift at the company holiday party...maybe it'll get you a raise?
[9] Guys, or gals, have you done a no-no in your relationship recently? Small surprises are a guaranteed way to put a smile back on your loved one's face, like this one! 

[10] If the above button doesn't work, there's this saucy option. If that doesn't get them laughing, you must've really done something wrong!