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Top 25 Pickup Line Buttons

July 6th, 2015

We've all heard some pretty terrible pickup lines,but these ones are worth sharing. Next time you're out, wear them and let the button do the talking…... maybe it'll actually work! 
[1] Ok, this one is actually pretty cute. 
[2] This is a very true statement
[3] Who doesn't need some arm candy?
[4] An oldie but a goodie
[5] Perfect line for these hot summer months
 [6] A little creepy and a little funny
 [7] For the more confident type
[8] This one might get a number
[9] ...and read like poetry
[10] "I'm a genie in a bottle baby."
[11] A sweet line that won't get you a slap
[12] Aww, you can keep it!
[13] A little innuendo never hurt anybody
[14] Gentlemen, this one's for you
[15] Beer goggles are a blessing and a curse
[16] Not just anyone could pull this one off
[17] This one's for the new generation
[18] For the gardener or chef in your life
[19] "Paint me like one of your French girls"
[20] This one is definitely a compliment
[21] This one is for the cat lovers out there
[22] Weird but adorable at the same time
[23] Talk nerdy to me
[24] Better Baguette.. Get it?!
[25] No, I'm just right