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Top 25 Buttons for the Grad

May 11th, 2015

Maybe it's you and your friends who will be celebrating your long-awaited graduation, or you will be celebrating on the behalf of someone else, our graduation buttons are perfect gift ideas for the college graduate, also known as a brand new "real world" citizen. 
[1] Wear it loud and wear it proud!
[2] This is a big milestone, but that does not mean you need to change who you are.
[3] That's how people survive adult life, right?
[4] Hopefully one will only need to wear this pin for a very short amount of time.
[5] And that is how you got that expensive diploma with your name on it!
[6] After all those years balancing studying and partying while getting minimal sleep, you deserve to be proud!
[7] Anyone? Anyone??
[8] The world is your oyster now, time to take chances!
[9] You may have gone to a school no one major has ever attended, but you did and that's a great thing!
[10] You've spent the last four years with a group of people you became best friends with, learned with, and tried everything to avoid. Time to say goodbye!
[11] Best advice a recent graduate can give, now that it is finally over. 
[12] At least you've got your awesome GPA to prove it.
[13] They say the friends you make in college will last a lifetime. 
[14] "And that question is, what do I do now?"
[15] Wear this button with pride.
[16] No more getting a "Great Job" written in red pen on your term papers, but you might as well wear it!
[17] Today, we celebrate you! 
[18] Here's looking at you, kid.
[19] When there are not enough words to describe pride for the recent grad.
[20] If you can survive four years of college Spring break, you can survive a lot. 
[21] Don't forget that no matter how inexperienced people may say you are, you can make a difference!
[22] Will work for money, food, resume builder...you name it. 
[23] That must have been difficult for you. 
[24] Is this what you think your diploma should have actually said?
[25] This is so true. Time to find your passion and follow it! Congrats Graduates!