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Bag and Pinned Card Packaging Now Available!

March 20th, 2013

Hey, everyone! Wacky Buttons now proudly offer bag and pinned card packaging solutions for your custom buttons!

For all packaging, we offer multiple options available upon request. These add a nice touch to your merchandise display. Any of the products we currently sell can be packaged with these options. You can even mix and match sizes for your custom packages.

The bagged packaging will be stapled to either horizontally or vertically folded cards. These cards can only have square corners, and have the hangar hole punched at the top of the card.

Custom Pinned card packaging can be either rounded or square corners and are punched with a hangar hole at the top. You could order either horizontally or vertically hanging cards.

The turnaround time for pinned card and bagged packaging is 1 week, if the quantity is less than 5000. We've got just what you're looking for, contact us now to discuss your options!

Clothing Magnet Buttons now available!

February 15th, 2013

Hello everyone!

Wacky Buttons Clothing Magnets

Here at Wacky Buttons, we have just released a new products page now including a new product option that has been requested in the past! Have you ever wanted a round button without the pin because of the type of clothing you're wearing? Now you can! Since our minumum order is one button, you could even split a larger order of normal pinback buttons and some with clothing magnets in case some people don't want a pinback! Your options are limitless, and can be ordered in 1.5", 2.25", or 3" sizes!

Get started now by emailing us with your ideas and images or by visiting our create page. If you would rather browse our Wacky Buttons Store, all you have to do is click on which one you wanted to add to your cart and fill out the product, size, and quantity, and you'll be on your way to being able to purchase your buttons! It is that simple, what are you waiting for?

Last minute orders for Valentines Day

February 8th, 2013

Are you scrambling for the perfect, unique gift for your loved one? Or even better, have someone in mind to tell them how you feel?

Image of Valentines ButtonValentine's Day Button ImageValentine's Day Button ImageValentine's Day Button

I bet you are! Well look no further, get your Valentine's Day Buttons from our Wacky Button Store!

...Alright, so maybe you're someone who wants to make the message clear to someone and at the same time get a laugh?

Valentine's Day ButtonsValentine's Day Button ImageValentine's Day Button ImageValentine's Day Button

If your special someone is a geek, they might be surprised with a geeky sign of affection!

Valentine's Day Button ImageValentine's Day Button ImageValentine's Day Button ImageValentine's Day Button Image

Give your loved one something that can be placed right over their heart!

Do you have an idea for a custom designed button? Well our graphic design department is here for you to help you create whatever you're imagining a reality! Best part is, it's FREE!

Check out our create page, or simply email us ! What are you waiting for?

Our fast turnaround and low prices will blow your mind! On average 500 buttons or less will ship the day after you pay!

Pinback buttons make a great gift, no matter what the occasion! Get your Valentine's Day Buttons now before it's too late!

Common mistakes when sending us designs

January 14th, 2013


Today we're going to talk about a few points of mistakes when submitting designs. First, if you are creating your own designs outside of our create studio, you may find our templates page to be very helpful before submitting your design to us. Here are a few design submission mistakes that we have encountered:

1. Template lines visible when the image is submitted

If you submit an image with bleed and detail that shows template lines, we would need these removed, otherwise they will exist on the final product. Depending on the complexity of the bleed part of the design, these lines can be either very simple or difficult for us to remove. So it is very important to send us the image without the template lines. If you have a file that is larger than the template files that we have, feel free to send us an image with and without the template lines that you want us to set your image to.

2. Low-Resolution image submissions

If you send us an image with lower resolution than 375 pixels x 375 pixels, we may reject your submission. It is always important that whatever software you are using, try to export or render your image to the scale of our template files or even larger. If you don't have any idea what resolution is, feel free to submit the image to see if we can accept it, we will let you know.

3. Submitting a file that cannot be opened

Please double check your file to make sure that it loads on your computer exactly how you would like to see it before sending it to us. This ensures, on your end, that the file is able to be read and not corrupted. It can be very easy to mistakenly click on a file from your hard drive that you did not want to send.

4. Submitting a rectangular image

When you submit a rectangular image with text in the corners, and would like it to fill the entire front of the button, it can not be completely possible. After all, a circle is pretty much a "square without corners". If you want a focal point and let us know, we can zoom in the rectangular image and line it up as close as we can. Otherwise, if you wanted the complete image showing, it would then create "whitespace" on the edges. Usually when you submit a rectangular image, it will be processed as the designer thinks would look the best, unless there are specific instructions on focal point or "whitespace" color.

5. Submitting .wbb files

The .wbb file format is set up so that you can directly order from the create studio. We don't process .wbb files the same way as other file formats. If you have a .wbb file that you want to submit, please follow these simple instructions. Launch our Wacky Buttons Interactive Design Studio. On that page, click on "start from scratch". Choose "open file" on the far left on the menu bar of the Design Studio window, then browse your computer for the .wbb file. Once it has successfully loaded, all you have to do is click the lower right hand side button that says "Submit Design", and fill theĀ  form out. These steps can be repeated if you have multiple .wbb files. Did you know that submitting your own creation with our Wacky Buttons Interactive Design Studio, you can immediately order after submitting? Well if you didn't, now you do!

Thanks again, everyone. If you have no idea about image files or computers but want us to design a button for you, feel free to either call, live chat, or email us! We are here to make it easy for you to get your buttons!

Setting up multiple designs for an order

December 28th, 2012

Hello everyone!

Today, I'd like to discuss how to set up multiple designs for an order at Wacky Buttons.

Let's say you have multiple design codes either from: the Wacky Buttons Store, the Wacky Buttons Interactive Design Studio, or made by one of our artists by using the "Let Us Design It" option on the Create Page.

If you have designs that you'd like from the Wacky Buttons Store, simply click on the first design you want, then choose the product, button size, and quantity that you would like to add to your cart. Once this adds to your cart, you can continue shopping with each design that you wanted. When you are done, click on your cart and then you can check out from there.

If you are using the Wacky Buttons Interactive Design Studio, after submitting your created design, you will be able to add the design immediately for purchase, following the same procedure as above.

If you have designs that you have approved of after receiving the email with the preview link in it, simply follow the same procedure as listed above, from your emailed link.

If you have any other designs or design codes that you have purchased or created earlier, simply go to the order page and type in your email address in the right hand orange box that says "Search by email". It should link you to a preview page of all of the design codes based on your email address that you provided us with.

Of course, you can mix and match any combination for your order. In summary:

1. Add each design to your cart, choosing the Product, Button Size, and Quantity.

2. Repeat above until you have all of your designs in the cart.

3. Choose the check out button in the cart page when you have all of the designs/products that you wanted. It is as easy as that!

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